Finally, the final part of my project. In this article, I will discuss about Charts. Flag on the play. I had already written an article on Charts in my previous post where I talked about how to make a line chart based on the data you received from networking API…

Hey guys. This article is mainly aimed to introduce this incredible Pods — FSCalendar. I will walk through:

How to incorporate FSCalendar to your Xcode project
Date in swift
Calculate the total of a certain day

But first, let’s take a look at the demo.

Alright, time for another round, eh? I try to use different databases every time I do a side project, and since I did CoreData and Realm before in my Contact-like app and To-do list app, it’s time that I tried firebase.

In this article, I’ll walk through:

how to implement…


Hi guys! New day, new challenge. This one is really special to me for multiple reasons. First off, I’m not a guy with abundant experience in coding, and unlike other iOS apps that I did, this one didn’t have a single preset function for me to utilize, so I…

Building a To-Do list app is probably one of the must-do challenges for Swift noobie, so yes, here is my to-do list app. I didn’t put too much time on designing the UI and other convoluted functions. So basically, it’s just a simple to-do list app. Still, I learnt a…


when it comes to success, the only limit is that there is no limit. -quote from Barney Stinson

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